The expertise of the P2P team allows our business partners to establish the real value of any industrial or commercial goods. After exhaustive research, an appraisal report is provided to you to justify the value of your acquired goods. During the entire presentation process, you will be informed of the evolution of your file. We understand that it is vital for each of our clients to have a detailed report with supporting documents that will attest to the exact value of your assets, whether for financing, resale or to justify a complete annual report. P2P is a specialist in the field of machinery and heavy equipment appraisal in Canada.



We take charge of your collection files. During voluntary surrenders, we send our team, which has received the appropriate training for this type of procedure.

Following the seizure and the expiration of the legal deadlines, we will proceed with the sale by tender of your assets for sale or purchase of assets.


Surplus assets

Do you have surplus equipment to sell?

Businesses have the opportunity to recoup their investment in out-of-service or unused equipment. We are always looking to expand our inventory and can offer you the best prices for your used operating equipment.